You Owe It To Help The Small Business Owners of Your Organization Succeed

And Here Is Why…

Stronger, Thriving Small Businesses Means More Members…

Slowly, the American dream of owning one’s own business has become harder to attain. With 20% of all new small businesses failing within the first two years never has there been a more critical need for someone to step up and take command. And who better than local Chamber of Commerce and Business Associations.

As the backbone of communities and local economies it has always been these dedicated organizations rallying and cheering on the small business owner. So, what better way to step up and encourage the endurance of the small business than by offering bootcamp training.

It's Time To Give Small Businesses The Boot…Bootcamp That Is.

Multi-business owner, speaker, consultant, and noted businesswoman, Bonnie Mauldin, knows what it takes to lead businesses to profit and she’s ready to put small business owners through the training to make it happen. As a highly sought-after consultant and speaker, and the owner of one of Atlanta’s leading digital marketing agencies, Bonnie brings her unique insights to help businesses go from the bottom to the top of their markets.

The Competition is Fierce, But So Is Bonnie

Years in the making, Bonnie Mauldin is bringing her best tips, experience, and training to a 1-Day Bootcamp aimed at helping small businesses not just survive but thrive. Business owner cadets (participants) will receive training in an intimate setting on:

Cadets walk away with a custom plan of action for Branding, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Customer Service, Finance, and Leadership of their business.

How Can You Help?

By offering this custom, innovative workshop to your members you have the opportunity to train and equip business owners like yourselves to be strong, successful, and confident businesses. And, to support your organization while doing it through continued, active membership.

To assure that this bootcamp not only supports the small business owners but the community as well, Bonnie wishes to make a special offer to your organization. For organizations that extend this unique bootcamp to their members, you will receive 50% of the tuition fees. Not only that, Bonnie takes care of all the publicity-communication needs.

Organizations receive a special promo pack that provides the essentials for promoting the event in style. The promo pack includes:

Details of this Exciting and Informative Event

Location – Your Venue – We bring it to you.

Cost – $1,200 for Participants ($5,000 VALUE) + You Receive 50% of the Tuition Fees as a courtesy.

Time – The Workshop is 1 Day – 6 Hours.

Lunch – Is Provided to Participants.

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