Building a Powerful Sales Funnel

Building a Powerful Sales Funnel

We hear this at The Mauldin Group all the time, “What is so important about a Sales Funnel?” In short everything. Without a strategically created sales funnel, marketing becomes literally a gamble! Having a well-planned sales funnel helps a company to plan, implement and guide their sales and marketing strategy so that resources are used responsibly and to their best results. Instead of a sales team spending valuable time running down unqualified leads leading to frustration, they are given qualified leads that are ready to purchase. Now is the time to stop using valuable operations labor time spent tediously sifting through contacts that are looking for general inquiries!

Imagine if consumers who have made a call to action (ready to buy) are automatically funneled to the right resources for immediate capture. In Building a Powerful Sales Funnel, Bonnie Mauldin addresses the unexplored vastness of the sales funnel and can inspire sales teams, business owners and company employees in how to use their unique area of the funnel to achieve exceptional results.

You will learn…

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