Executive Coaching for Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Let’s Face It Ladies, There’s Power in Numbers!

“Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on”
Serena Williams

One thing is clear, when you’re a woman entrepreneur, there are challenges that our male counterparts don’t face, or even get. Successful Entrepreneur and Multi-Business Owner, Bonnie Mauldin has over a decade of mastering the ins and outs of digital marketing, business operations, and strategic networking. And now, she can be your personal marketing advisor.

The Marketing Maven Herself

Bonnie Mauldin is a gifted consultant and business coach for both new entrepreneurs and existing business owners seeking to take their companies, “To the Top”. Coach Bonnie brings her unique skillset and experience from running an award-winning marketing firm with a stellar reputation, managing a full-time staff and having track record of producing incredible results for Fortune 500 companies and solo-entrepreneurs alike.
She serves on the Board of Directors for the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce, Children’s Development Academy and Buckhead Business Association. She is a member of the Roswell Country Club, and has won “Business of The Year” and “Business of Excellence” at a top suburban chamber of commerce in Georgia.
Let Bonnie coach you on how to grow and scale your company, and get plugged into an amazing network of likeminded high achievers like yourself! Space is limited and you need to apply to be accepted into the program. Sign up below if you’re ready to make a positive transformation in your company, life and future.

Our Goal To Create More
Marketing Mavens of Course!

A newly innovative idea, Marketing Maven’s Mastermind seeks to change the way women approach business. No longer trekking it out alone, with other marketing mavens you will be with a group of likeminded women entrepreneurs seeking to grow their businesses.You will have a strategic plan created for your company, and a mastermind group to attend for ongoing accountability and support.
Business growth comes when you have a plan, strategy, vision, resources and the right people to make it happen. Bonnie Mauldin is a successful entrepreneur that has dedicated her time to coach business professionals with a personalized session focused on sales, marketing, lead generation and branding.
“A friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose.”
Napoleon Hill
Author of Think and Grow Rich

Why Should I Join The Marketing Maven's

With a foundation built on creating a strategic marketing plan the mastermind will provide accountability, support, and leadership for each other. The goal, to see your sisters’ businesses grow right along with your own!
With Bonnie your outcome will be creating a solid, strategic marketing plan that performs to your expectations. With the Marketing Maven’s Mastermind, your business will be marketed properly to provide instant brand recognition and maximum visibility in your market.
With Marketing Maven, Bonnie Mauldin as your coach, you will personally become a stronger, more confident entrepreneur above and beyond your competition. But even more importantly, you will have created business relationships with other mavens to last a lifetime.
“It is the principle through which you can accomplish in one year more than you could accomplish without it in a lifetime if you depended entirely on your own efforts for success.”
Napoleon Hill
Author of Think and Grow Rich

Joining Our Marketing Maven's Mastermind
Takes Courage

This is an innovative, life-changing experience. As we all know, neither Rome nor our businesses are built in a day. To build relationships and a strategic marketing plan takes time and commitment. The Marketing Maven’s Mastermind’ Group is created to be active and offer monthly support while in growth as an entrepreneur.

Offered only to women, this group will meet every third Saturday for six months for Group Coaching and networking via Zoom and in person at the MAD! Workspace.


MAD! Workspace
290 South Main Street Suite 300
Alpharetta GA 30009

If you’re not able to attend, it’s a hybrid event so you may join via Zoom.

“Every mind needs friendly contact with other minds, for food of expansion and growth”
Napoleon Hill
Author of Think and Grow Rich

Ready to Join the Marketing Maven’s Mastermind?

This innovative mastermind group is forming now. Space will be limited, so take action now!
Led by Coach Bonnie Mauldin you will not only be inspired to personal growth but, you will be equipped with an expertly designed marketing strategy plan custom created for your unique company. Experience profitable business growth while making friendships and business connections to last you a lifetime.

Get Started Now Maven!

*Includes 90-Minute Private Coaching Session to create a Strategic Marketing Plan

+ Six Mastermind Monthly Group Meetings.

Marketing Maven's Mastermind

One-On-One Entrepreneur 90-Min Coaching Session

I Own My Own Business, Why Do I Need a Coach?

“Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player.”
Bill Gates
Congratulations, owning your own business is a major accomplishment. While you certainly have an idea and the motivation to make it happen, there may be a crucial part of your business plan that is missing your marketing.
Sure, you can trek out on your own, attempting to build a brand, garner qualified leads, and advertise your business. But as most entrepreneurs find out the hard way, you usually end up wasting precious time and money. What you really need is an expert guide, a “mastermind” coach.
Bonnie Mauldin has over a decade of experience in coaching business owners in how to start from the bottom and go to the top of their market. Bringing her knowledge of marketing strategy, Bonnie will “coach” you on her proprietary, results-driven Phase-5 Framework that will help you to establish your brand, find and communicate to your customers, and how to overcome your competition.
Through Bonnie’s One-on-One support, you have a lifeline in those moments of “make or break” uncertainty and a coach for when doubts threaten your entrepreneurial motivation. It’s always your business, but you are not alone in deciding on those next critical steps to grow it.

Introducing Phase-5 Coaching Framework

Through the Bonnie Mauldin Phase-5 Coaching Framework you will…
  • Learn Who Your Target Is.
  • Learn to Speak Your Audience’s Language.
  • Learn What’s The Plan.
  • Learn What Makes Your Unique Sales Model.
  • Learn How to Tell What’s Working and What’s Not.


Dr. Samuel Mielcarski, DPT

"Her advice has already paid off and I know that her time, energy, and dedication on my behalf was a great investment of time and money. I would highly recommend Bonnie to anyone looking for a very professional, well-educated, and easy-to-work-with business consultant who truly cares about helping you succeed!"

"Health Raiser!" / Wellness Consultant / Speaker / Physical Therapist

Julie Slappey

"Amazed by the talent of Bonnie and all she can offer you both on an educational side and a business side. Extremely talented, quick to response and an overall wonderful person. Thanks for all do with your talents!"

Property Management Specialist

Megan Morse

"Bonnie is my marketing coach and I am blown away by her knowledge and expertise and even more by her genuine, sincere, and positive spirit! Since working with Bonnie I have tripled my revenue. She has challenged me to think bigger and help my business grow! I highly recommend Bonnie and The Mauldin Group to anyone trying to grow their business or build a brand. Bonnie really is the best at what she does!"

Former US Olympian Founder of A Stronger Workplace

Mary Sabot

"I am thrilled to have found Bonnie. I have been looking for a business coach who gets what I am looking to accomplish and Bonnie is perfect. She has an excellent approach - listening, helping you form a complete plan of action and breaking it down into manageable pieces. I highly recommend anyone, whether you are just starting out or an established business owner, allowing Bonnie to coach you to further success."

Nutrition and Fitness Expert

A Great Coach Can Make
You a Marketing All-Star for Your Business

The beauty of working with Bonnie as your personal coach is time. No spending days or weeks trying to learn marketing basics, only to spend even more time trying to implement them. Your business is unique, you need someone who can help you visualize the exact marketing strategy and tools that work for you quickly and efficiently.

With Bonnie as your coach, you will identify your marketing business needs and be given a plan to put into action immediately. And all of this is done in one 90-minute Marketing Strategy Session.

But strategy is not everything, like with any coach, Bonnie will motivate you to take on marketing your business with confidence. You will become the leader your company needs and have the marketing strategy to outperform your competition.

Get Started Now with Coach Bonnie!

*Includes 90-Minute Private Coaching Session to create a Strategic Marketing Plan.

After you sign up, we’ll send you a link to schedule your session in-office or via Zoom.

Strategic Marketing Planning Session $500.00


You a Marketing All-Star for Your Business

If you are a female, small business owner who has left your corporate job to start your own business and need a marketing plan to increase your online presence and get more clients…

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