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B-Triumphant! is a product line by Bonnie Mauldin, an award-winning speaker, author and professional business consultant in Atlanta, Georgia. Inspired by the goals of seeing everyone reach their greatest potential, not matter what their choice in life, Bonnie has created her product line to inspire greatness, even when you aren’t feeling great. By wearing these unique, specially designed apparel pieces you are making an investment for a positive mindset and encouragement of the people around you. B-Triumphant stands for being Bold and Triumphant in health, relationships, career, business and life!

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Fear is paralyzing. Living in fear can cause us to bypass opportunities of great success. Whether the fear is of taking a step as a business owner, stepping out from an old phase of life as a teen and entering college or simply overcoming an unhealthy lifestyle, you can be inspired to grasp the confidence to reach past what fear has hidden.


B-Triumphant is an inspirational apparel line created to inspire you “add love” to peruse your dreams, hopes and aspirations in life. This shirt is ultra soft and smooth; it has a nice fashion cut that is more flattering than a standard t-shirt. Get this lovely shirt on and B-Triumphant today! Jesus replied: ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ “


Do you feel you lack wisdom in everyday life? Often the problem is not “the lack of” wisdom but “listening” to the wisdom within us. When it comes to making truly wise decisions whether in business or life, it helps to know the steps to knowing when our own wisdom is attempting to communicate with us.


When we are strong we can excel in life. But strength can be a fickle element of life; there one moment and gone the next. Each of us has the capacity for great strength as humans however, but finding that strength in the face of fear and knowing how to retain it can be complex.


Being different is not a good thing, right? Wrong! Being different gives you the freedom to explore areas many people only dream of. By not just accepting but, actually embracing your difference you can allow yourself to be confident, strong and ambitious with no apologies.


It takes courage to live life to its fullest. In society’s eyes, courage is synonymous with fighting fires or battling physical threats. Most often however, courage is a more personal, everyday occurrence. Whether harnessing courage to prosper in business, in the classroom or simply in life’s everyday challenges, knowing how to become comfortable with finding it can mean freedom.


In society we are trained from early in life that standing out, being an anomaly, is wrong; fitting in is crucial to life and key to success. But, being an anomaly can truly be something great. Think of the astronomy world where anomalies like comets occur and garner such great attention.


Nothing can be duller than something that has been re-made over hundreds of times. As an entrepreneur, innovation is critical to success. Harnessing the ability to see when you have an innovative idea, having the strength to grow that innovation and then move forward to innovate new realties for others can mean the difference between existence and excellence.

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