From The Bottom To The Top – Interview with Dana Neiger

The competition for skilled, resourceful, and eager employees is as high as ever. Large organizations have the advantage of a Human Resource Department to keep them compliant, but what about small businesses? How do we stay up-to-date with the latest government regulations when we don’t have an HR department? Small businesses face considerable challenges navigating employee acquisition, compensation, and benefits. Unfortunately, small business owners aren’t aware of the numerous federal, state, city, and other local laws governing employee/contractor rights. I’m discussing these things and, more in today’s episode with Dana Neiger. Dana is the Co-Founder of Hive Talent Acquisition, an HR Recruitment and Staffing Firm committed to reducing employee turnover by leveraging AI (Artificial Intelligence) to match the ideal candidate with the perfect company.

Show Highlights:

  • [00:02:21] What makes Hive Talent Acquisition the ideal HR Partner for small businesses, and how do they use Artificial Intelligence to source candidates? Listen as Dana shares what makes The Hive Experience Different.
  • No employer wants to face discrimination lawsuits. Dana shares a simple tactic that small business owners can use to avoid misunderstandings and possible lawsuits.
  • [00:03:53] Recruiting, hiring, and onboarding candidates is a time-consuming process that most small business owners despise – here is how to avoid the pitfalls.
  • [00:08:00] Employees are reimagining how and where they work – here is what employers can do to create a culture that attracts top talent.
  • [00:12:00] The one hiring mistake small businesses make that violates federal law and how to avoid it.
  • [00:17:28] Do you know what federal laws say about employee compensation? Dana shares tips that small business owners can use to ensure fair compensation.
  • [00:18:59] Does the recruitment and hiring process drive you mad? Learn how you can partner with The Hive.

4 Tips For Staying Compliant When Hiring For Small Businesses with Dana Neiger of Hive Talent Acquisition

Growing your team as a small business owner is an exciting and confusing time. Unfortunately, Most small to mid-size firms don’t have a dedicated Human Resource Professional to help them navigate federal and local laws governing employee-employer rights. So how do small businesses grow their team without incurring the additional salaries that come with hiring an in-house Human Resource Professional to handle recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and managing employee benefits? One option is to outsource your HR operations! For this blog post, I have called on Dana Neiger of Hive Talent Acquisition, an HR Recruitment and Staffing Firm committed to reducing employee turnover by leveraging AI (Artificial Intelligence) to match the ideal candidate with the perfect company. This week on the Bottom To The Top Podcast, I interview Dana Neiger to discuss federal employment laws and how small business owners can grow their operations while minimizing lawsuits and noncompliance. This blog post highlights the biggest takeaways from our conversation.

What resources should a hiring manager familiarize themselves with?

Employee and contractor laws vary from state to state, so many small business owners find it challenging to navigate the process. An excellent resource for employers to start with is the Department of Labor. Here you’ll find information on minimum wage requirements, overtime, and record-keeping. In addition to the Department of Labor resources hiring, personnel should also familiarize themselves with regulations concerning classifying employees and contractors, the Family & Medical Leave Act, and the Americans with Disability Act, to name a few.

How can hiring managers ensure compliance with HR and Hiring Laws?

One recommendation is to outsource this task -Hive Talent Acquisition specializes in assisting small to medium-sized firms that don’t have an internal Human Resource Department. I highly recommend outsourcing because the damage caused by being non-compliant, whether intentionally or unintentionally, has serious consequences. Another recommendation in addition to outsourcing is having your company’s rules, regulations, and procedures stored in one place, such as an employee handbook. The key is ensuring that the rules are clear and consistent for everyone in your organization. Hiring and termination laws vary from state to state knowing what documentation is needed to remain compliant in your state is key to avoiding lawsuits and claims of discrimination.

What are some of the latest hiring laws managers need to familiarize themselves with?

Federal laws make it illegal for employers to ask questions about a candidate’s current salary or salary history. Also, every job description should have a salary range based on duties and responsibilities. Finding talent is critical to the growth of your organization and finding the right talent is crucial as you grow. Unfortunately, a lack of knowledge in the HR and recruitment process isn’t an excuse for breaking federal and local laws. Familiarize yourself with applicable laws or call on the professionals at Hive Hive Talent Acquisition

About Dana Neiger:

Dana is a graduate of the private women’s college, Agnes Scott, where she returns to volunteer for HR panels, Linkedin seminars, interview preparation, and other human resources-related needs.

About Bonnie Mauldin:

Bonnie Mauldin is known as “The Rainmaker” because she has made it rain for countless companies, large and small, nationwide. As an award-winning marketing agency director, she creates powerful and effective presentations that help audiences soar to the next level. Bonnie is trained in Instructional Design, e-Learning, Web Design, SEO, PPC, Conversion Rate Optimization, Sales Automation, and Business Development. She uses this unique skill set to improve the messaging companies use to reach their ideal clientele. Bonnie has experience scaling from solo entrepreneurship to a company with full-time staff and a full roster of long-standing clients. Connect with Bonnie Mauldin  |  Book Bonnie  |  Courses Resources:
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