From The Bottom To The Top – Interview with Frank Carlisi

Wouldn’t we all like to Quantum Leap into success? The dream is that one marketing campaign, phone call, or contact will create a vast increase in our business and Voila! We’ve arrived.

But that isn’t how our careers or business development works. If you recall the popular television show Quantum Leap from the late ’90s, you’ll remember that the central character created a time travel machine. Although the machine worked, the character found that the more he traveled, the more work he had to do.  

In a way, this week’s podcast guest, Frank Carlisi, Founder and Creative Director of The ExV Agency’s path to entrepreneurship, is similar to the show Quantum Leap. 

This New York native began his career in healthcare following in his family’s footsteps, but this wasn’t his passion. Through various career transitions and reinventions, this fiercely creative entrepreneur discovered that culinary art and connecting people was where his true talent resided.  

In this interview, I sit down with Frank to discuss the many leaps he’s made over the years that brought him here. Frank’s ExV Agency merges Event Planning and Business Development to help brands and individuals communicate their message through creative events.

Episode Highlights: 

  • [00:02:18] Get to know the fiercely creative Frank Carlisi
  • [00:05:46] Frank’s advice for those trying to find their passion and why he says he would have never planned his career any other way.
  • [00:07:51] The Power of Pivoting and being open to change
  • [00:09:07] “Everything in life is leading up to an event”! says Frank Carlisi. Here he explains how his agency’s Event Production and Business Development helps brands and individuals amplify their voices through events that get to the heart of their clients’ passion and goals.
  • [00:10:48] Can an event lead to business development? Frank shares how he developed his non-profit, Women Helping Women, which aims to empower women through career development and advancement. Frank shares how this all began and where it is headed in the future.
  • [00:11:03] How does Women Helping Women find mentors and choose mentees? Frank explains how mentorship works and Women Helping Women partnership with Masterclass. 
  • [00:17:52] How Frank shares his experiences and how he helps companies find their news-worthy angle. 
  • [00:21:05] What’s behind the ExV Agency Signature Blueprints? Frank explains his signature strategies/ 
  • [00:21:46] Frank hails from New York City but loves the South. Hear as he shares his experience of moving from NYC to Atlanta and what motivates him about the city.  
  • [00:25:36] How to partner with Frank Carlisi 

About Frank Carlisi and the ExV Agency

Frank’s Bio:

Frank is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of the ExV Agency, a creative business development agency focused on visibility solutions for international businesses across industries. 

View Frank’s, Media Kit.  

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About Bonnie Mauldin: 

Bonnie Mauldin is known as “The Rainmaker” because she has made it rain for countless companies, large and small, nationwide. As an award-winning marketing agency director, she creates powerful and effective presentations that help audiences soar to the next level. Bonnie is trained in Instructional Design, e-Learning, Web Design, SEO, PPC, Conversion Rate Optimization, Sales Automation, and Business Development. She uses this unique skill set to improve the messaging companies use to reach their ideal clientele. Bonnie has experience scaling from solo entrepreneurship to a company with full-time staff and a full roster of long-standing clients. 

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