From The Top To The Bottom – Interview with Lynn Smith

Your brand’s message plus the right media is marketing gold, except there is one problem. Most CEOs aren’t taught the golden rule of media – Data Tells, Stories Sell

In today’s competitive marketing landscape, business leaders must prepare to deliver a captivating brand story in 30 second sound bites. Attracting clients, business partners, and talent depends on communicating your brand’s story and culture in a way that “chills are running down your audience’s spines, says this week’s podcast guest, Lynn Smith, founder of Rylan Media, a Media Education Company. 

Drawing on her 15 years inside major news publications such as NBC News, MSNBC, and CNN Headline News, Lynn consults with CEOs, Executives, and Experts on how to “Sell It Into The Camera,” whether on a Zoom call or a major news outlet. 

Lynn shares advice that we can use to communicate our brands message in the media.

Episode Highlights: 

  • [00:01:49] Get to know Lynn Smith as she shares her illustrious career of determination and grit that took her from NBC, CNN, and several major news outlets in between. 
  • [00:04:08] The best way to change the future is to create it—Lynn shares why she launched Rylan Media and TV News Academy, her signature program to help business leaders change the narrative by using their brand’s story to make good news. 
  • [00:08:24] What’s more important than your brand’s story? Your brand’s ability to tell stories that people remember. Tune in as Lynn shares how companies can find their competitive edge and use it to increase exposure in the media and internally. 
  • [00:09:45] The Great Resignation is here; Lynn and I discuss what leaders can do to retain talent and live up to their brand’s message to reach their employees. 
  • [00:10:22] Media and messaging are most effective when we lead with our competitive edge – Lynn shares what business leaders can do to make their messaging effective. 
  • [00:19:51] Lynn discusses why she chose to work with C-Suite Leaders and how leaders can use their confidence as the Secret Sauce to influential leadership and communication.
  • [00:23:14] Curious to know what’s inside Lynn’s TV News Academy Program? Tune in as she walks us through each module and explains:
    • How to draft your TV ready story 
    • What’s inside the Perfect Pitch Template
    • Secrets to building an at-home studio and more.
  • [00:32:10 Lynn is a podcaster in her own right, Join us as we discuss her podcast All Good Things and StrollarCoaster

About Lynn Smith: 

Lynn Smith is a National Media Expert and host of “All Good Things,” a podcast to educate, inspire and leave you moving in a positive direction. 

Lynn spent eight years as an anchor at CNN Headline News. In 2021, Smith left TV News to launch her company Rylan Media which takes the insight from her 15 years inside NBC News, MSNBC, and CNN Headline News to tackle corporate and individuals’ greatest branding and communications challenges.

About Bonnie Mauldin: 

Bonnie Mauldin is known as “The Rainmaker” because she has made it rain for countless companies, large and small, nationwide. As an award-winning marketing agency director, she creates powerful and effective presentations that help audiences soar to the next level. Bonnie is trained in Instructional Design, e-Learning, Web Design, SEO, PPC, Conversion Rate Optimization, Sales Automation, and Business Development. She uses this unique skill set to improve the messaging companies use to reach their ideal clientele. Bonnie has experience scaling from solo entrepreneurship to a company with full-time staff and a full roster of long-standing clients. 

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