How Divorce Affects Business with Paulette Rigo

Episode: How Divorce Affects Business with Paulette Rigo

Divorce is a challenging experience. From the overwhelming emotions of ending a romantic partnership to dividing assets, divorce is a battle few have the strength to fight.

My guest, Paulette Rigo, is the Director of Coaching and Management at Divorce Right Inc. and an expert in divorcing.

However, like most married couples, she never set out to get a divorce, let alone go through an eight-year separation followed by a 12-day trial. The experience impacted her career and forever changed the direction of her life.

Yet, this resilient soul used her acquired expertise to support others.

Through her company, Divorce Right Inc., Paulette and her team offer mediation services to couples who end their marriages, as well as sensitivity training for HR Professionals on how to support employees going through a divorce.

According to Paulette, Divorce diminishes productivity in the workplace. As employees experience the fallout from the dramatic life changes balancing life and work becomes tough.

 A contested divorce is even more debilitating to an employer’s performance than an uncontested one; however, with support services, newly divorced individuals can come out on the other side stronger, emotionally empowered, and financially prepared.

In this episode, Paulette and I discuss the importance of having a coach on your side when going through this significant life transition. She also shares tips for:

  • Individuals considering separation
  • Insight into what an amicable divorce looks likes
  • Advice on what to do when your spouse is unwilling to

We also delve into how companies can build a better workforce by offering the support of a divorce coach during these trying times.


  • Get to know Pauletto Rigo
  • Hear Paulette explain how divorce impacts productivity in the workplace and what employers can do to support team members
  • Listen as Paulette shares the story of her eight-year divorce and the lessons she shares with her clients from this
  • How do divorces go from amicable to contested? Paulette explains The Snowball
  • What does a divorce coach do? And most importantly, why you need emotional support through your separation journey?
  • What would have helped Paulette during her divorce process? She provides tips to avoid making similar mistakes.
  • Paulette discusses the phases of separation and shares tips for tackling issues before they have a chance to
  • What is mediation, and how does having a mediator improve communication and reduce stress as couples go through this painful process?
  • How companies can provide a safe landing for employees going through a

Episode Highlights/Tweetable Moments:

Contesting a divorce can be costly, time-consuming, and emotionally draining— which is why most divorces (97%) are uncontested. Listen as Paulette shares how to divorce with dignity [00:05:51]

A divorce coach can support you through separation by helping you navigate the legal process, understand your financial options, and manage the emotional stress of the situation. Learn why so many men and women turn to Paulette and her team for this service. [00:11:43]

Before separation, there are signs that the end is near. These feelings can be a mix of dread, sadness, disappointment, and resignation. While no one enters a marriage thinking it will end in divorce, Paulette explains how to address these emotions early to achieve the best outcome for you and your spouse. [00:13:58]

Many people come to divorce with preconceived notions, but it is important to get the right advice and not let emotions take over. Divorce can be seen as a failure, abandonment, or rejection, depending on the person’s perspective. Paulette and I discuss how and where to find help to ease the pain of the process. [00:17:25]

As a business owner, you will have employees dealing with a divorce. In our interview, Paulette shares these tips for supporting your team member through this tough time:

  • Invest in sensitivity training for your HR Team
  • Offer flexible work hours or
  • Make sure they can access resources like coaching or therapy if needed.[00:24:08]

On the other side of divorce, there is hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel for those who have experienced heartache and persevered. There is a chance for a new beginning, for a fresh start. Paulette shares her happy ending and explains how other divorcees can have similar outcomes. [00:27:43]

About Paulette Rigo

Paulette Rigo, Certified Divorce Coach, Credentialed Mediator, and Certified Amicable Divorce Professional behind Better Divorce Academy.

Paulette supports individuals and families through the divorce process and advocates amicable separations. She guides those struggling with difficult decisions, helping them get to the other side of divorce stronger, emotionally empowered, and financially prepared for their future.

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