How To Increase Your Patient Referrals And Rally Back From The Pandemic Slump


How To Increase Your Patient Referrals And Rally Back For The Pandemic Slump


Growing your patient list can be a time-consuming and complex task. Yet for healthcare providers, it is crucial to keep new patients coming in.  Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has hit many medical practices hard with as much as a 50% drop in daily patient visits.  That is why patient referrals are becoming even more critical to physicians.

However, implementing a patient referral process may seem costly and complex. So how do you get more referrals without busting your healthcare marketing budget? Here are some tips to help increase new patient referrals even in the face of today’s pandemic slump.

Improve Your Patient Referral Process

Create a database of your referral sources and make sure each referral is properly documented. Send a thank you note (mail, email or fax) to referring physicians.

Also, if you have a dedicated referral source, don’t forget the office staff. A basket of goodies can go along way with the ones on the front lines with your potential patients. Build relationships with your fellow providers and you will be generously rewarded for your efforts.

Make Patient Referral Management Easy

For patients, an office visit can result in a lot of information to digest. When a healthcare provider refers you to one of their patients, your contact information can get lost in the confusion. As a result, patients may fail to make an appointment. In fact, only 50% of referrals  result in a completed appointment.

Ask your referral source to send you the contact information and diagnosis of the referred patient. They should also tell the patient to expect a follow-up call from your office. You should have a process in place with your team to follow up with referrals in a timely fashion. This simple step alone can ensure that referrals won’t slip through the cracks and increase the chances that the patients will schedule an appointment with you.

Also, if mutually agreed upon, don’t forget to provide business cards to a referring partner.  Last, be very sure any transmitted PHI (protected health information) meets HIPAA compliance.

Your Best Referrals Will Come From Online

80% of potential patients  use the Internet to search for a healthcare provider. 63% of those will choose one provider over others based on their online presence. With the pandemic, ranking on Google’s Page #1 for online searches has become even more critical.

patient-referrals-process-reviewsPatients looking for information about your credentials, practice and services will expect you to have:

  • A Professional Website
  • Good Online Reviews
  • Credible Resources – A Blog
  • A Strong Social Media Presence

Increasing patient referrals can seem impossible, especially in light of the pandemic. The Mauldin Group understands that your practice is more than just a business, it is your calling. Contact US Now for a complimentary marketing strategy session and let us get your referrals rolling in and you at the top of searches!

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