Networking Like a Super Pro

Networking Like a Super Pro

There is no shortage of good businesses out there. So to be noticed it takes work or rather…networking. Superior networking skills are what make you stand out from the crowd. Networking is what can breathe the breath of lifesaving into your company in those lean, fourth-quarter months when no one seems to want to make a purchase or sign a service contract.

Bonnie Mauldin is known in many of the Chamber of Commerce circles as the ninja networker. With a cutthroat approach and true southern charm, Bonnie can show you what it takes to network yourself into that premium career spot, as a coveted industry leadership position, or simply keep those sales flowing consistently all year long.

You will learn

  • What is good networking etiquette.
  • How to evaluate or measure whether your networking is paying off.
  • The elements of a good 30-second Elevator Speech.
  • The proper organizations or affiliations to associate with.

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