New Age B2B Marketing Strategies

New Age B2B Marketing Strategies

For almost 72% of United States businesses, B2B transactions are critical for profitability. Yet for many companies both small and large, B2B marketing is an obstacle rather than a viable tool for their sales funnel. Marketing Influencer and multi-business owner, Bonnie Mauldin, has not only mastered B2B marketing but now offers a program to train businesses on harnessing the dynamic power of B2B.

The stumbling block for many businesses when approaching B2B is that they are operating on the old standard for the traditional, “Mother May I” gatekeeper scenario. The sales rep contacts a prospect, shares a pitch with the gatekeeper and hopes that the presentation will filter up to the decision maker. Most often, this results in wasted time eventual burnout of a company’s sales team.

It’s A New Age In B2B!

Bonnie Mauldin is here to say that, “It is a New Age for B2B!” Through Bonnie’s New Age B2B Marketing Strategies workshop, business owners, sales team, and entrepreneurs are encouraged and equipped to approach B2B armed with the tools of connecting with THE decision makers directly and having a sales funnel ready to address each stage of marketing with solid, results proven engagement. What makes Bonnie Mauldin’s New Age B2B Marketing Strategies Program even more successful for any business is that it can be customized to any company size. Whether you are a small business looking for a workshop for your sales team or a Fortune 500 Company seeking a seminar for hundreds, Bonnie can scale her program to deliver practical, actionable information and skills to ignite a fire of B2B innovation.

You will learn…

Bonnie Mauldin Has a Topic For You!

Through Bonnie Mauldin’s New Age B2B Marketing Strategies Program, you and your team can learn how to overcome the dilemmasof having less time to build relationships, the inability to reach the “true” decision makers and uncontrollable company brand perception. Ready for a new age? Contact Us Now or Call Us at: (678) 846-2306.

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