Social Media For Small Business

Social Media For Small Business

Social Media is a powerful tool. But the key is using is correctly. So often small businesses will dismiss this dynamic marketing tool as “playing on the Internet” and if not done correctly they could be right. For social media to work it requires careful research, strategy and patience. But, when done right, it can deliver amazing results from building a loyal customer base to increasing sales exponentially.

Bonnie Mauldin has built a reputation of educating small business clients to see the strengths of using social media as part of their digital marketing strategy. As a speaker she shares “trade secrets” that help you to discover the individual strengths of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn to solidify your business brand. With a delightfully humorous and insightful approach, Bonnie gives her audience a peek behind the curtain of social media to show how it can be fun, effective and most of all, profitable.

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If you are a female, small business owner who has left your corporate job to start your own business and need a marketing plan to increase your online presence and get more clients…

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