Strategic Small Business Advertising Tactics

Strategic Small Business Advertising Tactics

As a small business, keeping an eye on the bottom line is especially crucial. So often business owners, while knowing that good advertising is essential to reaching their clients and customers, just don’t know the “right tactics” to use while going about it. In a rush with an intense eye on the budget, many will just throw their limited funds at any marketing option available in hopes that something will stick against the wall. Not only does this marketing strategy not work but it’s also a waste of valuable resources. In the end, company owners become inadvertently disillusioned with advertising and marketing as a whole.

Bonnie Mauldin is here to say that, “It is time to change your advertising tactics!” Through Bonnie’s talk, small businesses can learn what are the exact ingredients needed for their unique industry to create, implement and carry out a successful marketing-advertising campaign.

You will learn…

  • What makes up a solid, responsible, results-producing marketing strategy.
  • The most common marketing mistakes for small businesses and more importantly, how to avoid them.
  • What the options are for marketing on your own and using a marketing company.
  • The When, Where, Why and How of great advertising tactics.
  • What makes up a profitable marketing-advertising campaign investment (budget) and realistically, how long it takes to pay off.

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